Crazy Town

“Crazytown” by David Regal is a professional quality effect that is easy enough for even beginners to do. Two powerful principles have been cleverly combined to create a remarkably deceptive routine that even fools magicians. After being used as a signature piece in David’s Magic Castle act—and fooling many of the smartest minds in magic along the way—this amazing effect is finally available to you.

This is a sensational routine that sets the tone for a performance and lets the audience know they’re in for a good time. The best part is that it’s basically self-working thanks to the two included gimmicked decks. There is no sleight of hand needed.

  • Easy to do
  • Direct, clean and fair
  • Packs small, plays big
  • Involves multiple people
  • Participants mix the cards themselves
  • Custom-printed decks included

Here’s What Happens…

You start by mentioning you had a dream last night. It was about the performance you’re currently doing and everyone in the audience was there. You also had two decks of cards. As the last line is said, you bring out a red and blue deck. One of your participants helps “magician proof” the blue deck by sealing it with a sticker that they initial. This deck is then placed back in your pocket.

Now, just like in your dream, it’s time for everyone to take a journey to Crazytown. The red cards are split up into four small packets that your volunteers shuffle and cut. They really give them genuine shuffles and can even cut each other’s packets.

After they’ve been fairly mixed, the top cards are flipped over. You then reintroduce the blue deck. It’s the same deck they helped you seal earlier. There are no switches or suspicious moves as you open the deck and spread it on the table. Every card is shown to be face -down, except for the four that match the audience’s selection.

Before they even have a chance to catch their breath, you hit them with a shocking kicker ending. The blue deck is flipped over to show that every other card is blank. They can examine this deck as much as they want. There really are only four printed cards in the blank deck.

“Crazytown” is a unique and memorable experience that is easy to do and allows you to get multiple people involved. It’s as entertaining as it is fooling. This is your secret weapon for blowing minds without breaking a sweat.

Comes with two custom-made decks, a sheet of stickers, and detailed video instructions.

Join your old pal David Regal on a trip to “Crazytown”. Get your copy today!

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