Well, here we are, with a new look. You have arrived at davidregal.com and/or regalmagic.com (it’s the same site). You may have noticed the site is all about me, me, me. If I liked myself more, it would all be gratifying. I’ll try to keep the site current, post the occasional blog, and continue to add elements. If you have any questions or suggestions there’s a contact button above that seems to work. Welcome, explore, and if it’s a good week buy yourself something pretty. You deserve it.

David Regal spent many years in the main company of the popular improv/sketch group Chicago City Limits.

He has written for television and film, from kid shows to sitcoms… animated features to drama.

He loves creating original magic effects. He has been the subject of, and author of, several highly-regarded books for the fraternity.

David has contributed to magic performed around the world.