Sudden Deck 3

David Regal has released SUDDEN DECK 3.

SUDDEN DECK 3 combines ALL the features of the original Sudden Deck with the features of Sudden Deck 2. A precision-made prop, and the perfect way to magically introduce a deck of cards. It’s like carrying a stage illusion in your jacket pocket. For the first time with DVD instructions.

$30 shipped.


3 Replies to “Sudden Deck 3”

  • David – I just received an e-mail alert that you will be up in Fresno on June 2. Will you be presenting all of the sudden deck and disposable deck series at this venue?

    I purchased what I beleive is the original sudden deck and was never able to get it to work correctly, perhaps after the venue and if you have time, you could show me where I went wrong.


    Eric Helms

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