Plumber’s Helper


Plumber’s Helper is not a pristine showpiece to sit on a shelf. It looks exactly like what it should look like – a jerry-rigged contraption that was put together by a lunatic plumber.


The Plumber’s Helper performance prop
This is a magical piece of plumbing, essentially an internal water delivery system added to the methodology of the Histed sticks. Each Plumber’s Helper is handmade from modified plumbing supplies, and each is tested prior to shipping. The unit is self-contained. That means that once you have “set” the prop, it will remain ready to go. During performance there are no connections to the body or any other external device.

A Universal Set-up System
A water supply is needed to set up this prop. This water supply cannot be a backyard well – you need a faucet with running water. A set-up hose is supplied along with a universal adaptor that can be applied to any faucet in any part of the world. This adaptor is easy to use – it is a rubber collar that slips over a faucet and tightens. You do not even need a screwdriver to tighten the adapter – you can use a coin.

An Instructional DVD
A DVD of a performance is included, along with an explanation of the method. In addition, although the prop need never be taken apart by the user, the entire workings of the prop are explained and the prop is dissembled so that the purchaser may better understand its workings.

The Written Routine
The prop pretty much works itself, and for this reason a good way to learn the routine and remember its phases is to learn a script. The words actually tell you what to do! For this reason I include the script of my routine in written form, as it is easier to learn a script from a piece of paper than it is to continually replay a performance on a DVD.

An Optional Aerator
Some may prefer to use the prop with an aerator screwed onto the spigot to create a slower, smoother flow of water as opposed to the high-jet effect. This aerator is included with the set.

An Extra Water Chamber
The supplied water chamber should last a lifetime, but in the event that it is accidentally broken or pierced for any reason whatsoever, an extra is supplied.

A run of three dozen Plumber’s Helpers has been made. I do not accept money for items that do not yet exist. If the current run sells out I will accept a waiting list of people interested in the prop. To be put on this waiting list costs nothing, and does not obligate you to purchase, but I ask you to be reasonable and only submit your name if you have a true interest, as the prop is expensive to fabricate. If I have at least a dozen names on a waiting list I will see about making additional units. This will take time. The creation of additional units will take at least eight weeks after the decision is made to produce a run of twelve. Ordering information is below. If the current run is sold out and you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please email me at .