A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching David Regal perform his Trans-Locations Coin routine live at the Magic Castle. The moment I saw the audience reaction, I knew that I had to offer this to our Hocus Pocus customers. After his performance, David and I spoke about having Trans-Locations as a Hocus Pocus Exclusive, and he agreed! I’m happy to say that it is now available!

John Kennedy’s brilliant coins-across effect “Translocation” has, over the years, become a classic of coin magic.

Trans-Locations by David Regal utilizes a completely unique combination of precision coin gimmicks to allow coins from three different countries to invisibly travel from under one hand to another over and over again in a stunning fashion!

David Regal’s routine is simple, direct, and best of all, magical, and the coins do all the heavy lifting for you!

Trans-Locations is supplied complete with a precision set of gimmicked coins and step by step instructional DVD to learn this incredible routine.