18k Gold Plated Linking Finger Rings

A few years ago I designed and had manufactured a new type of Himber ring. That is, of course, a gimmick for producing the Linking Finger Ring effect, created by Persi Diaconis for Richard Himber, in which three borrowed rings are linked in front of the audience. It is, simply, one of the greatest plots in magic.

I decided to make my offering a “set,” comprised of my newly-designed ring, a matching ring with the standard click-lock mechanism, and a duplicate un-gimmicked ring. Although my routine requires only one gimmick, I wanted to provide a set of gimmicks that would allow the purchaser to do any routine out there. In addition, I included gimmicks for the “Koran climax” in which two linked rings hang from a pencil, one drops into the waiting hand, and both rings are immediately handed back to the owners. It is a beautiful moment.

Although many Himber rings sell for $500-$750 or more by themselves. I sold my set of three for $250, along with the Koran gimmicks and DVD of instructions. I released these quietly to the magic community, and they have never stopped selling. Some professionals have purchased multiple sets. They were simply the best rings for the money.

Here is what’s new: I have now made a run of the rings plated in 18K gold.

I attempted this in the past, but was not happy with the results and scrapped the idea. Since then I have found a company that specializes in plating, and does an excellent job. To make this set requires the cooperation of more than one provider, and the shuttling of the rings from place to place during the manufacturing process.

The result was worth it.

I am keeping the price at a level I hope you find reasonable. All three rings plated in 18K gold, and Koran gimmicks, for $300. Add $25 for Canada and $35 for international shipping.



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