David Regal’s Linking Finger Ring Project is back, and it’s better.

Option 1: The Gold-Plated Set

And we now have a limited supply of DELUXE SETS. These come with – in addition to the gold-plated set – a gimmicked SILVER ring, for those who wish to have that extra option. The silver ring is the one of my design that is gimmicked with magnetic components.

Option 2: The Gold-Plated Set with additional SILVER-plated gaffed ring and Koran gimmicks.

Option 3: The SILVER-plated gaffed ring and Koran gimmicks ONLY (No instructions).

The Linking Finger Rings is, simply, one of the great effects of magic. Invented by Persi Diaconis around 1960 and marketed by Richard Himber, it’s the rare sort of effect that captures an audience’s imagination:

Three rings are borrowed. The magician proceeds to link them together into a chain of three. He then unlinks them and returns them to their owners.

What makes this a miracle is the fact that the audience members each attest to the fact that their ring is linked with the other two.

Over the years I have been impressed with some of the machining I’ve seen put into other marketed versions of the gimmick. But I would look at it and think: This is clever, but it wasn’t designed for actually performing The Linking Finger Rings.

My preferred gimmick is included in this set. It was designed for the performance of this classic effect. What you want in your gimmick is:

  • No extraneous movement

  • Instant knowledge of orientation

  • Silence

  • One-hand operation

The unique gimmick does all of the above. In a routine of magic often tarnished by excess “fiddling,” undesired moves have been eliminated.

What is new about this release?

First: Quality. My previous manufacturer’s output had too much variance – as a result I discarded a large percentage of every run. Last year I commissioned samples from an assortment of different suppliers and I went with the best.

Second: Key improvements.

  • The rings are not only gold-plated, they are put through an enameling process that darkens the engraved area so that in any performing situation one can instantly tell how to orient the gimmick.

  • My original design involving magnetic closure has been entirely reengineered and made more durable.

  • The “work area” provided by the gimmick has been enhanced and expanded, allowing for even greater ease of handling.

Third, the price. My gold-plated sets have sold for $300 for many years. Thanks to the reduction of waste, I am reducing the price of the new run, for the time being, to $195. The set includes:

  • My new-design Himber gimmick.

  • A matching un-gimmicked ring

  • A matching locking ring (classic method)

  • Gimmicks with which to perform the astounding Koran climax in which two rings hang from a pencil, linked, and one visibly unlinks, falling into the open palm. At that point the rings are returned to the owners with no switching.

  • A pencil and video instruction.

I only use one gimmick for my routine. The other gimmicks are included to make the set complete, so the purchaser can perform any version of The Linking Finger Rings that he or she desires.


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