Cheating Kit

This is my take on Peter Kane’s classic Wild Card plot. What’s different about this routine? First off, the special cards (printed by the U.S. Playing card Company) are not random – in this routine blank-faced cards magically turn into Aces of Spades… all the better for cheating! In addition, I teach my pet routine in which the cards are handled by audience members, yet the cards seem to change as they touch them. This routine is a combination of sleight of hand and gimmicks, and it is amazing. For the sake of completeness, I also include an easier routine, but even this easy routine has some unique twists and turns. Finally, I include four extra cards that are not a part of the traditional Wild Card set, and teach how to use them for a surprise kicker.

David Regal’s Cheating Kit
$25 shipped to US/Canada
International +$5

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