Silver Transit


It’s a stand-up coin plot I’ve loved all my life (well, since I was about twelve): Four coins start on one side of the performing area and are invisibly tossed into the air one at a time, each landing in a glass held in the opposite hand.

The beauty of this plot lies in its simplicity. It is immediately grasped by the audience – and the effect plays big. It can be performed in someone’s living room or on the largest stage. And the feeling of magic is intense.

What do you get with SILVER TRANSIT?

  • You get my redesign of the wonderful Jack Hughes coin stand (custom fashioned out of beautiful acrylic), one that makes the mid-air vanish of four coins both simple to do and incredible to witness.
  • You get eight UNCIRCULATED Kennedy Half Dollars.
  • You get a clear glass with unique properties.
  • You get a supply of napkins and rubber bands that allow you to start performing the routine out of the box.
  • All are housed in a custom wood case that can be used to transport the routine.

The video will show you the basic routine up close, so that you can burn the beats, see what’s happening, and understand what the props are capable of. I think you’ll agree that the vanishes are what dreams are made of. There’s also another little something in the mix that is original to this routine and will probably fool you!

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