The Regal Cop Wallet

I have reviewed tricks for many years, and for that reason I own dozens of magic wallets. None offered me exactly what I wanted. So, I took my needs to leather crafters and, over the course of a year, created the Regal Cop Wallet.

This elegant leather wallet has been designed from the ground up with attention to function and detail. Here’s a look at the wallet in action:

Regal Cop Wallet
$45 shipped in the US
Canada +$10
International +$20

Shipping to

SHIPS 6/22/20

2 Replies to “The Regal Cop Wallet”

  • Love this wallet – buying a back up today because I will be using this wallet for the rest of my life!

    And… David’s excellent instructions gave me some great tips to help me with the gamblers cop move get ready – which has elevated my ability to perform the sleight in other effects as well.

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