7 Replies to “Crystal Billet Box Instructions”

  • This is a great utility item. It is completely innocent-looking and will never be suspected because everybody can see into and through the box at all times. The billets are always in plain sight of everyone. An audience will never give the box a second thought. I like the way It is constructed with a little heft to it; the box is not flimsy or cheaply made. If you can’t think of a use for David’s Crystal Billet Box, then you shouldn’t be performing mentalism

  • Just recieved my crystal billet box and I have to say how impressed I am with the quality of the product, fantastic value for money. The video instructions that are supplied with the box are very well produced in a simple and concise way, with David showing multiple routines and methods on how to use the box. Highly recommend this product for any new or experienced magicians out there….well done David.

  • This is extraordinarily well made — I can’t imagine it being any better. Sturdy, beautiful, quiet, fast, and perfect in operation. Cleverness combined with quality construction, and I would have paid twice the price had I known how good this is. It is a utility item that will set you lusting for a routine to make good use of it!

  • I’ve owned multiple switching devices over the years and David has found a way to beat them all. The Crystal Billet Box is easy to use, foolproof, and the introduction of rubber bands and a slotted top is a strong convincer that everything is fair. Or is it? Thank you David for offering a utility device that is beautifully constructed and should be in every worker’s arsenal.

  • Good lord this is brilliant! I knew as soon as I saw this I needed it. I bought it for one particular use. But after watching the video, now I see so many other things I can do with it. Simply brilliant.

  • Very professional clean 1st class product. So very easy to use, yet makes this
    hobbyist magician look like a pro. Props to David – I had an issue accessing instructional video, with a myriad of great routine ideas, and dropped David an email…..received prompt reply solving the problem! Great product, fast support & lots of great routine options. This was a good buy!

  • Davids quality of products is what I have also known. I own the CLARITY Box and the RING CHAIN and just like the CRYSTAL BILLET BOX that I also have I know they are going to work great and look good in all my parlor shows. David keep turning out more of these great props. Thank You.

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