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  • Thanks, David, for your terrific instructions. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive or engaging demonstration of the CC knives. I’ve worked with a set of four Joe Porper knives for many years. As a consequence, yours feel somewhat “fat” as I take them out of the box. However, I can easily sense the potential of this beautiful set. The Swiss Army finale makes your set very tempting to adapt to and use. Gratefully, ~ Phil Bratnober

  • Thanks for this project David! For those of you watching this, make sure you stick around to the very end of the video. That vanish sequence is is gold!

  • What an amazing set of knives. I’ve owned many sets over the years – from the cheap, plain looking set I ordered from a Tannen’s catalog in 1974, to much higher end models.

    This is the finest set I’ve ever owned in nearly 55 years of performing. Well worth the investment! And David, your routine is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Get a set of these. You’ll never use your other knives again.

    Lee Cornell

  • David,
    THANK YOU! For the Simple and clear instructions and tips with subtleties. Particularly like the Bonus section with alternate handlings! Well done Sir!

  • My favorite Christmas present this year (2022)! What a beautiful set of knives. David Regal is not only a phenomenal magic creator but he is also a master instructor.

  • This is awesome….I have always been intrigued by the color changing knife routine ,but never purchased a set until recently and I’m glad that I waited. What a beautiful set of knives and your instruction is aways so clear and precise. I think that I’m driving my fiancé crazy because I just can’t put these down. Thanks so much.

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