I’m happy to report that John Guastaferro and I have collaborated on “Picturesque,” a unique variation on McDonald’s Aces that is – thanks to John’s wonderful concept and beautiful card handling – one of the finest and most magical card routines a person can do. It’s really that good, and I am proud to be part of it all.

I could go on and on, but just take a look at the basic routine in John’s hands:

As you can see, this version has been custom manufactured in such a way as to allow the Aces to gather from amongst all the picture cards of the deck. Here’s a full promo that John put together:

In addition to the core routine John teaches his stand-up handling in which the cards are isolated in clear goblets, yet the Aces gather. This routine is absolutely stunning. It’s the kind of thing that could close any professional’s act… yet it is not difficult to do.

My contributions include a routine – using slightly different gimmicks – that allow all the picture cards (Jacks, Queens, then Kings) to gather as a build-up to the final Ace packet, plus a bevy of card changes – some off the beaten path that I think you will enjoy.

You receive gaffed cards that allow you to perform any of the three routines taught right out of the box, as well as a custom-crafted vegan wallet. And speaking of boxes, we partnered with Penguin on the final stages of this endeavor and the job they did with packaging leaves nothing to be desired.

The price is $40. That’s $40 for a routine you will love performing and audiences will love watching, one that feels magical even to yourself along the way.

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