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David Regal in the U.K.

“Learning magic from David Regal is like drinking a glass of fine wine. Its wonderfully satisfying, complex and best in small doses. Too much Regal will f*** you up!”

– Wayne Houchin

“here in Hollywood, we’ve made our attitude about David Regal clear: We tried to export him to Britain. Not only did they insist on sending him back, but upon his return he was accompanied by a brand new set of DVDs. Theyre so commercial, we may never figure out how to unload him.

Max Maven

One of the best thinkers in magic.

Dean Dill

Im so jealous of Regal’s creativity – he always fools me...always!”

– Andy Nyman

“David Regal has been a wellspring of clever magic ideas for over twenty years.

Jamy Ian Swiss

Join David Regal on this whirlwind tour of the UK and along the way, find out exactly why he is universally acknowledged among his peers as one of the mosprolific, imaginative and original magic creators of modern times.

Over this jam packed, triple disk set youll discover 28 original Regal effects – all fully explained! This is killer material suitable for a host of venues – a lot of it NEW and UNPUBLISHED and has never been on video before!

You‘ll also have your own personal front row seat at Davids Star Lecture! Shot on multiple camera‘s for the optimum viewing experience, this hour and a half long lecture covers no less than 12 original Regal effects!

And, theres MORE!

Theres a TON of additional content (accessible via your computer) on these disks including notes, and printable props.


Monte Python
ticker Shock
Nothing to Hide
The Secret
A Quiet Goodbye
Royal Jazz Quartet


sitive Fingers
sitive Mind
tter of Stat

Breaking the Rules
How to Cheat vol.1
Getting an Earful


Vortex of Refreshment
The Hotel 52
Change for a Five
Restored Credit
A Quiet Goodbye
A Hook
Deck 2
The Puppy Trick
The Impossible Envelope
Cocoa Wild Card Mind Ball

The “Tricks” Collection


Volume One – Tricks

The Dé Vu Deck



Clearly Impossible

Pasteboard Massacre

There & Back


Perchance to Dream

The Half Deal

Sending It Through

All Strung Out

Deep Guilt Aces

Volume Two More Tricks

Alls Fair

The Origami Bill

Streamlined Assembly

For Marlo

Triple Vision

Cups & Balls & Cups & Balls

Illegal Collections

The Flying Hole

Ten Second Poker


The Joker Works Overtime

Flight of Fancy

Volume Three – Enough with the Tricks Already!


Leap of Faith

Straightforward Collectors

Clean Cut

BottomsUp Aces

Down Under Production

Commercial Travel

The World‘s First Card Trick

Dave‘s Movea-Card

Logical Assembly

Out of This Borough

Four the Hard Way

The “Premise, Power & Participation” Collection


Vol. 1


Look at Me, Im Special (unpublished) – A fourAce production that leads to an ultra-clean moment of magic.

Carried Away (from Constant Fooling) An any-deck, any time incredible transportation.

Eight Ball (from Constant Fooling) Ink slides off a playing card and forms itself into an eight ball!

Tenacious Climber (from Constant Fooling) – This entertaining approach to the

Ambitious Card plot leads to a climax that will fool all.

Coins Through the Table (from Constant Fooling) Standup versions of this plot are few and far between . . . and this one is a killer.

Exhibit A” (from Penumbra) – A stunning handling of Hamman‘s Signed Card plot. Magic just seems to happen.

Sum of the Parts (from Constant Fooling) – A spectator shuffles a deck and selects a card, then a demonstration of playing card mathematics (and visual changes) ensues in which cards “add up, finally totaling the selection!

Shred of Proof (from Constant Fooling) An eerie revelation with dozens of applications.

My Best Friend (from CloseUp & Personal) – A chop cup routine with a difference

. . . in the form of a small mouse.

ChinkADrink (from Constant Fooling) – The classic assembly with a logical kicker.

Vol. 2


Isolated Force (from CloseUp & Personal) – A unique and convincing force of a card in which the back of the card is never seen.

Half & Half (from Star Quality) – A signed card changes color in an atypical fashion.

Perfectly Oiled (from Star Quality) – A very clear Oil & Water effect that builds to a nomoves climax.

Face It, You‘ve Changed (from Constant Fooling) – A spectator selects a card, examines it and signs it. Its back changes color . . . in spite of the fact that the magician never touches the card.

An Incredible Journey (from Star Quality) – A signed card invisibly travels into a card box that has been placed inside the magicians jacket pocket.

Not Quite Dead / Haunted Pack (unpublished) – A demonstration of supernatural forces that uses a classic method in a novel way.

A Magic Lesson (from Constant Fooling) – A tongueincheek explanation of Card to Pocket leads to an inexplicable magical climax involving a spectator‘s signature.

Holding On (from Star Quality & Constant Fooling) – A playing card is signed. The magician stands and reaches under the table with an empty hand. When he presses on the deck, the selection passes through the table.

Prophecy Pack (dealer item, details of construction explained) – This is the incredible handsoff prediction effect Regal used to fool all and sundry when he moved to the West Coast.

Penny for Your Thoughts (from Close-Up & Personal) – A glass of pennies is examined-the dates are different. The spectator selects a penny while the performers back is turned, yet the performer tells him the date.

Fill in the Blank Transpo (from Constant Fooling) One of Regal‘s current signature piecesa clear and spotlessly clean transposition of two playing cards.

Vol. 3


Lucky Seven (from Constant Fooling) An incredible selfworking prediction effect, presented complete with Regals latest touches.

Control Yourself (from Constant Fooling) – A shuffled-deck impossibility. Two spectators are given the ability to find their own selections.

Clandestine Collectors (from CloseUp & Personal) – A handling of the collector‘s theme with some uniquely sneaky elements.

Not This (from Constant Fooling) Anytime, anywhere impromptu mentalism. All you need is paper and a pencil.

Coincidence Deck (from Constant Fooling) – A display of amazing sympathy that can involve everyone in the room.

A Simple Woodcutter (unpublished) Spectators shuffle the deck, yet the top card matches the magicians prediction . . . which is carved into a plank of wood.

OffColor Thought (from Constant Fooling) – A visually perfect switch with myriad applications.

Mystic Poker (from CloseUp & Personal) – A new plot. The spectator draws any card that can be found in a royal flush onto a blank card . . . then the magician magically prints the other cards needed to fill out the hand!

Mucilaginous Monte (from Constant Fooling) – A monte with sequences that will slay.

Vol. 4


The StandUp Magic of David Regal

Journey to Love (from Constant Fooling) – This impossible prediction injects comedy and audience byplay into Don Waynes “Room Service plot (based on a wonderful Larry Becker method).

Swindle Transpo (from CloseUp & Personal) Subtlety is layered upon subtlety in a playing card transposition that can play on the largest stage.

Got a Light? (from CloseUp & Personal) – Two matchboxes are examined, then proceed to perform an incredible series of animations. A combination of the Sympathetic Matchboxes and Acrobatic Matchbox plots. Perfect for walk- around.

The Very Last Card (from Constant Fooling) – A card-elimination routine that utilizes test conditions to create a devastating outcome. This will bother people.

Bonus Routine:

After Hours (from Constant Fooling) Regal’s contribution to the fulldeck story genre, this is distilled entertainment guaranteed to generate applause.


“I can count on the fingers of one hand the magic DVDs I’ve bought in the last 20 years that have got me smiling from the first minute with the ingenuity, simplicity and visuality of the effects on them. These are 6 effects that I genuinely cannot wait to go out and perform. – Ian Mitchell, North Cornwall, UK

Luke Dancy and David Regal have joined forces once again to present some of the most eyepopping, astonishing card magic ever developed, using an extremely versatile, and DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE TECHNIQUE.


Causing a poor poker hand to instantly morph into a Royal Flush...

Performing the 3 Card Monte, only to cause all three cards to change to three completely different cards...

Transposing the aces under the fairest conditions, and ending with a climax that has to be seen to be believed...

Reading the minds of three spectators under impossible conditions...

Slowly and visually erasing the faces of 4 court cards, only to have them reappear in the cleanest possible fashion...

• Causing four jokers to reveal a selected card in a surprising and novel way, and then transform into the selections’ mates…

What is taught on this DVD is just the beginning. The effects possible are limited only by your imagination.

This is what card magic is supposed to look like. This is DST.

Wayne Houchin’s “Art of Magic”

Wayne Houchin’s Art of Magic is a groundbreaking instructional DVD on classic and contemporary magic tricks. This 120 minute – performance and instructional DVD features a unique look at the current state of magic. Including interviews with David Regal, Aaron Fisher, Dan and Dave Buck and (of course) Wayne Houchin. The interviews are combined with live performance footage of WH performing both on the street and at The Magic Castle – from South Beach, Miami to Hollywood, California. WHAT’S ON THE DVD?

– A 60 minute documentary on the Art of Magic featuring David Regal, Aaron

Fisher, Dan & Dave, and WH.

– An in-depth 60 minute teaching session during which Wayne Houchin explains how to perform 5 of the effects that were featured in the documentary. You will learn:

TWISTING THE ACES – Wayne Houchin’s handling of Dai Vernon’s classic effect. The four aces magically turn face up one at a time. Clean, beautiful, and amazing.

FRENCH KISS – You ask someone to sign a playing card – the card is then folded up and placed in your spectator’s mouth. You take and sign another card – which you then fold up and place in your mouth. Impossibly, the 2 folded up cards switch places. Your signed signed card is in the spectator’s mouth and her card is in yours. Simple and powerful.

WH RING+STRING MYSTERY – A piece of string visually penetrates through a borrowed ring. New, unique, practical, and FUN.

MATCH BITE – A lit match is extinguished on your tongue. The magician then bites off the burnt end, chews it up, and spits it back onto the match. Impromptu and uses only one match.

CARBON PAPER – An incredibly powerful effect contributed to AOM by Jay Sankey. The back of a playing card is burned – your spectator FEELS the burn from that card travel through their hand and end up on a signed card that has been between their hands for the entire effect… leaving the originally burnt card completely unharmed. Performed and taught by Wayne Houchin.

The documentary and instructional portions of this DVD attempt to capture a modern look at the Art of Magic through personal anecdotes, advice, and live performance. The interviews touch on everything from the presentation of magic to advice for beginners, and why magician’s fail. The effects taught are practical and suitable for both beginners and the intermediate student. Welcome to Art Of Magic.

Running Time Approximately: 2 hrs

Red Streamlined Convertible

An assembly ofouoddbacked kings combining ease ohandling with a smooth, unforgettable ride.

No GaffeCards.

No GaffeAnything.

The assembly ofour cards is classiplot, anthe incorporatioofouodd– backecards in an assembly, a LynSearles idea, makefogreater impact, clarity and additionamagical moments.

ReStreamlineConvertible is DaviRegal’s elegantly structurecarroutine that melds existing conceptwithiown in a way that almost magicalleconomizes osleights, moves anexcess handling.

Well withithe abilitieothe average magician, yet a powerful vehicle for amazement.

Running Time: approximately 44 mins

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