I am pleased to announce a new item, a collaboration with Danny Weiser called…

It’s a precision utility device for cards that accomplishes different things, and it is a sneaky thing indeed. In the video that follows, know that I’m using an ordinary deck of cards in an ordinary card case… and it can be any brand of cards.
Here’s what people are saying about ACCOMPLICE:
“Great tool. Great magic. Great idea.”
R. Paul Wilson

“It’s not fair. A gimmick like this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It’s too good. Too easy. Too clean. It’s going into my working case immediately!”
Jonathan Levit

“I was fooled badly. This thing is slick! Accomplice is a versatile secret weapon that allows for incredibly clean card magic. Combining this hidden-in-plain-sight gimmick with a little sleight-of-hand creates some true miracles.”
Caleb Wiles

“I had the pleasure of watching David perform this over a zoom session, and it absolutely floored me. I love using the card box as an organic prop, and this gimmick turns it into a stealth weapon.”
John Guastaferro


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