I am delighted to report that one of my favorite effects, LETTER PERFECT, has just been released. Penguin Magic put it together, and they did a magnificent job. It is beautifully packaged and comes with a extraordinarily well made alphabet deck (by the U.S. Playing Card Company – Mandolin backs) that allows for a routine that is 100% customizable for any occasion.

The Effect: A deck of alphabet cards is displayed, and a spectator FREELY SELECTS a handful of cards. She then mixes them face up/face down. When she is done only a handful face a different direction… and THOSE CARDS SPELL HER NAME.

Of course, the letters might spell the name of a company, or the birthday boy, or a product… you get the idea. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. And if you are wondering, the trick pretty much works itself.

This is one of those effects that feels deeply impossible, deeply personal, and creates the sensation of a “happening.”


Domestic – I PAY POSTAGE

Canada + $5 S&H

International + $15 S&H


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