“That is a perfect trick.” – John Lovick


I honestly feel that my new item DECISION POINT is the best, most exquisitely realized version of the Mental Choice plot that has ever been brought to market.

A lot of very good work has been done with the plot in the past, and I applaud it, but DECISION POINT is what I have dreamed of.

Many of us remember being deeply baffled by Mental Choice, as well as the sensation of our jaw dropping when we learned its secret. Ever since I first was exposed to the effect I thought it was great… but could be better.

After having that feeling for many, many years, I figured I should do something about it.

I was never a fan of how the old props seemed a bit cartoonish, like toys. I never liked how the choice of one out of three colors seemed arbitrary. I wanted a version that was elegant, intriguing, and even more astounding.

The result of my efforts is DECISION POINT. Instead of freely choosing one out of three colors, the spectator freely chooses one out of SEVEN symbols, symbols specifically chosen for their ability to be interpreted in different ways.

The performer then proves that he or she has predicted the outcome. This seems impossible, so much so that I recently used it as my opener at the Magic Castle.

The entire effect is contained within a custom leather wallet and the props are lovely.

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