The Crystal Billet box was first sold only to those on our mailing list. It is now being offered to all. Below is the information that went out to the mailing list during the most recent run of the prop:


The Crystal Billet Box.

It is a gimmicked box that has been precision-crafted from thick acrylic that enables a performer to switch a group of billets, force an item, make something appear, make something vanish, and can even be used as a prediction chest.

It comes ready to go, along with a few extras that give the performer some options that further increase its utility.

Watch the video – it is the opposite of a “fancy ad.” There’s no music or flashy editing. It’s simply a message to you, an unlisted video, that shows you what the Crystal Billet Box is. I don’t explain the box’s workings in the video but those of you who figure out what’s going on will, I think, be even more eager to get one.


The Crystal Billet Box

Price: $160 (plus shipping)

2 Replies to “The Crystal Billet Box”

  • Hi David!
    If you ever decide to make more of these please let me know as I’d certainly buy one. Additionally I want to say thanks for all that you’ve created and shared over the years!
    Greg Carter
    Llano, TX

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