“Flight of Fancy,” from my book Close-up & Personal, is my favorite effect that utilizes gaffed decks. Penguin has an “ad video” on their site for it, but I want to show you a performance of the trick I did some years back, at the late Dean Dill’s shop. I loved Dean, and I just like seeing that place again:

I hope you agree that there are subtilties at play with this effect that create a feeling of deep impossibility.

Four years ago I made up 100 sets of “Flight of Fancy.” They quickly sold, but it was so difficult for me to manufacture the decks I asked Penguin if they would like to take it over. So, we started the ball rolling back then and we are just now seeing the results.

Due to a mix-up Penguin started selling them while I had zero units (sad face) but that has been rectified. I now have 100 units of Flight of Fancy on hand, and the quality, the packaging, and most important – the EFFECT – are lovely to behold.

To answer some of the questions I’ve been receiving:

  • Yes, the card that travels is different every time.

  • Yes, it’s that clean every time.

  • Yes, it is easy to do.

  • The reset is simple.

Here’s a quote from an unsolicited email sent to me by Mark Metzger, who bought the trick from Penguin (as I had zero units – did I mention that?):

“I am sitting here with a big, stupid grin on my face. This is just diabolical. It looks so very fair and it’s just not. They will never see this coming. This is really terrific work, David. Love it. I’m going to use the heck out of this.”

As for the method, I will happily tell you that this represents a few tweaks to a known principle… but these “tweaks” and the way they are employed allow for a unique order of events and a beautiful build-up to a crystal-clear effect.

As I am late to the game I want to give you a little something extra – I will sign these 100 units in metallic ink, so you will have something unique.

To purchase Flight of Fancy:

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