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  • Yet another outstanding effect by Mr. Regal. It ticks off a number of boxes on my want list, when looking at Magic to purchase and perform. The list includes:
    Non-traditional props
    Colorful and durable
    Packs (nearly) flat and plays big
    Per usual, Mr Regal provides different routines for your consideration
    Gives the audience a break from cards, coins, cups and balls
    I appreciate and respect that Mr. Regal always gives credit and information about predecessors who have had an influence on the effect.
    No slights, which allows for full concentration on your performance
    After seeing the positive feedback from your audience, you might be inclined to check out some of Mr. Regal’s other creations.

  • A Great evolution of a classic! Love everything about this project. David does a fine job!…just insert your own personality and your set?

  • A Great evolution of a classic! Love everything about this project. David does a fine job!…just insert your own personality and your set?

  • David, you are so fun.
    I’m attaching little magnets to these so i can present this to Kids at parties on a board and stand.
    I’d LOVE (and pay) if you had this twice the size or larger for stage.
    Thank you, David.

  • following your idea of using the other sides, you can label them with the translation in other languages of long and short and playing with it too

  • I’m tremendously happy with my purchase. Beautifully crafted and presented. Your on-line explanation of the illusion is very clear – funny too! I’m an architect and have some ideas for building an architecturally-related show involving nonsense construction. This is a perfect fit! Thanks for a quality illusion.

  • I can finally throw away my Starbucks sleeves! Thanks David for the excellent props and smart presentation ideas. As always, your offerings do not disappoint. Best.

  • As always David… simply outstanding!

    Only you sir could make 4 innocent arch-shaped pieces of wood this much fun and devastating to a lay audience.

    The best version of this classic illusion ever conceived- thank you 🙂

  • I am so looking forward to having Long Short as a opener for a classroom show..
    Thank you David. I really enjoyed the history too.
    I have a little gift for you. I mentioned to my friend Roger that my Mom is Catholic and my Dad was Jewish…he joked then you grew up with the suffering and the guilt.

  • This looks to be a lot of fun, and can’t wait to do this in between card tricks, so much potential with this simple but powerful illusion

  • I’ve alway loved David’s thinking when it come s to magic, but this routine was the first time I said out loud “I have to have this!” I ordered it immediately! Sure I could have used previous versions I already own, or could have made my own, but the perfection of these props makes it irresitible!
    I can not wait to start performing this in my close-up shows as “The Comic Con Magician!” Thank you David for your amazing work and contribution to an oft-neglected classic!

  • Excellent, extremely thorough video tutorial! The history of this illusion was fascinating. Thank you so much, David, for a great addition to my performances!

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